Simple Japanese Food is Online Japanese Cooking Class & Community for everyone in the world.

Japanese Cuisine Class at Culinary school in Philippines


Our goal is to make it easier for people around the world to cook Japanese food at home and to enjoy Japanese food in their everyday home meals.



Konnichiwa!  my name is Chef Takashi and I run the online cooking school of Simple Japanese Food.

I have been working as a Japanese chef overseas for over 10 years, managing restaurants and food companies. I have taught Japanese cuisine to over 1000 students as a Japanese cooking instructor at a local culinary school. Some of my students have gone on to open their own restaurants or start Japanese food related businesses, and I am very happy to see their success.

Japanese food has become popular all over the world, and now there are Japanese restaurants in many areas where people can enjoy eating Japanese food. There are many variations of Japanese food and you can enjoy your meal in many different ways depending on your mood and situation.
I believe that the next step is not only to enjoy meals at restaurants, but also to be able to cook Japanese food at home and enjoy it in each household. Japanese food, local cuisine, and healthy dishes that can be easily prepared at home. There is still much more to Japanese food that cannot be found only in restaurant meals.

I have started to distribute cooking videos on my youtube channel with the hope that anyone can easily enjoy Japanese cuisine at home.

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First of all, please learn the fun of cooking Japanese food here.
Then, we want to learn more. If you want to learn more about Japanese food, please join our online class.

Our concept is  “Japanese Food for everyone in the world”

We are always looking forward to hearing from you.


chef Takashi Kawasaki



chef Takashi Kawasaki

●Japanese food instructor of Simple Japanese Food / Galastars Culivary  (Online / Philippines)

●Owner of Nishikiken Foods (Food manufacturing & supply / Consulting in Philippines & Japan)

●Exective chef of Takashi Japanese Cuisine  (Japanese restaurant in philippines. 2 outlets in Metro Manila)